How to open a business without any money or credit.

Today i want to give you what was given to me in terms of a business advice and number of years ago and had a profound influence on my life however at the time that i was given the advice i thought it was the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard here it is the best way to succeed in business is to be in business and i thought wow thanks dick tracy that’s really profound because i really didn’t get it and years later it made a lot of sense to me and from this piece of advice i created what i call my green dot theory so bear with me as i explain this to you because i think it’s going to make a lot of sense and hopefully it’s going to fire you up okay.


So when you first come up with your idea maybe it’s for an authority cider any kind of business you’re thinking of you’re making yourself hey i’m going to go there and you write this business plan or whatever and i’m going to sell green dots and i’m going to be like the best green dots ills guy or the best green dot business of the best green dot website ever and you go out and you and you probably suck and so it’s kind of disappointing and one of the things that people do is they give up and that is really sad when that happens in a course that’s going to prevent you from going on having success.


However, some of the people don’t give up and some of the people they go out rush probably have more colors for this so they go out and they discover and i’m gonna run out of color so we’re going to do green green and red dots but you get the idea they discover as a byproduct trying to figure out how to sell more green dots they discover these things that there’s there’s like a red dot opportunity out there and so they kinda scrap what they were doing here and now they adjust their business their golden saw red dots and things get a little bit better now when they were over here coming up with their business plan they didn’t even know the red dots existed but they’re still not doing very well they’re just kinda scraping by and you know it’s not great however what happens is at this point they discover and who don’t have enough film markers dots.



Ok i’m going to modify my doctorate live radar on camera uh they discover green squares and so they again adjust the business model and now they start selling green squares and business picks up a little bit more. You can also watch a video on YouTube on webcam modeling that is informative. Now when they start selling their green squares like i say business picks up but they’re still not achieving the level of success that they want so now while they’re out there trying to figure out how to sell more green squares they discover that there are in fact or there is in fact an opportunity starts on red triangles again back here you had no idea red triangles and so when you finally get so when they’re when they’re here now business is picking up again and as you can see this kinda continues we could we could make you know.


I don’t know dots squares triangles you’re gonna make red square is now hopefully you’re getting the art of the message trying to convey the best way to succeed in business is to me in business if you’re reading about being in business or you’re thinking about being in business or you’re procrastinating of all being in business talking about being in business you’re never going to discover red squares your black boxes or whatever it is that the journey of being in business will help you to uncover so my point of my message in this video is the most important thing for you to do is to simply start for those of you who followed my my my history in my blog for awhile you know you’ll know the before getting into this business and creating the online income while i started a company called to ransom two thousand one in the beginning are green dot was we were just going to sell.


It services so small businesses kind of materials will send a guy out he’ll picture computers and will charge you i don’t seventy or eighty bucks an hour and i was so ill informed or so naive about business back then that i had no idea what a horrible business that was going to turn into and we struggled with our green dots and we can make any money is not hurt we lost a lot of money on the walk in the first years we we struggle with our green dots about six months and then thankfully and i don’t remember.


I guess i just started to pay attention to the competition somebody told me to pay attention to competition i discovered that there was a better way to deliver our services first of all and that discovery only happened when we were in a competitive situation foreign account and we were told that we were going to lose and and of course that was really disappointing because it was going to be we were catching we’re going to show up i think for like a half day per week and charge the client like a her dollars a month because we really want to get that regular monthly fee because you know having continuity in your business steady cash will makes life a lot easier the other company which ironically enough is no longer in business today but that that’s because they were a dot com please do they were going to deliver services over the internet twenty four hours a day in return for monthly.


business plan


Now before i started to rand you think that i knew that that business model existed no i did not have the foggiest idea and it never in a million years would have walked out of the sky kurt because i chose to get into business and then i was competing against this other company for account but though the light bulb i simply became aware that there was another opportunity to generate revenue in a different way to deliver services never would have figured out a mile athlete moral stories. I was a mentor for a young entrepreneur who started a business and show other people how to become a webcam model and became very successful. won that account because we immediately i called i said to him look i mean i think labels reporter guy and i said look listen could you not award the contract and the other company in the two days it’s all i need is two days and he said alright you guys while you are you’re you’re sure i’ll give you two days and so he exactly told me with this other company was.


We went into the company’s website discovered what they were using and it was some software that we’ve never heard of and it was produced by cisco i believe or cisco anyway we call them up and we give more bleeding hearts dorian’s and we have no money can you give us the software like on a monthly pay in the they did we call the customer back and said okay what we’ve got all that fancy delivered on the internet stuff too and we’re going to do it for twenty twenty or twenty five percent less than the other company and he said alright you got the deal and that was the very first customer that we had with our new red dot because we really weren’t selling the same thing any and in business continued to pick up overtime because as we went further further into that business.


We figured out that we can add back up services that we can add security services server monitoring all this other stuff that one i was the entrepreneur with a business plan and i’m pretty dumb entrepreneur that i had absolutely no idea that stuff existed so hopefully today’s video has giving you some insight some things that may not have occurred to you before you watch it if you have got some new insights by the way i’d love it if you left in the comments below no was the proprietary and you don’t want you know maybe a competitor hearing it but there’s some way that this video is help you to move or that kind of feedback really really floats my boat so please take a moment share and what my hope for you is is that you’ll get fear doubt uncertainty and procrastination kick it’s ass out the door and just start online businesses cost nothing you create a spot of book don’t have in the office today called a hundred dollar star and gives story after story after story of people who went on to change their lives to build businesses that created six figure incomes


In some cases they started for under a hundred bucks when they didn’t get it right right from the get go and nor will you get it right right from the get go but what i promise you is if you just watch this video and you don’t do anything with the knowledge that i’m giving in this video a week from now months from now your life is going to be exactly the same as it is today. Camtasia studio 8 free download full version. If you have an idea or an authority site but you’re coming up with all the reasons why it might not worker might not do this you might not get any traffic or what have you where will you be two weeks from on the couch watching T. V. wind somebody else’s course read another book.